The Action Chapel International has called for the use of dialogue to provide long-lasting solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rather than missiles.    

It said peace was paramount in ensuring development in the Middle East, as such, elements of terrorist organisations fuelling the conflict should be impressed upon to stop immediately.

The Chief of Staff of the Action Chapel International, Reverend Kennedy Okosun made the comments on Thursday during a media engagement with selected Journalists in Accra to address the hostilities between the two nations.

“Lives of citizens in both countries are valuable and should not be lost through such circumstances. Every life is a prerogative of God and no one has the power to embark on an agenda of taking human lives,” he said.      

He urged journalists to present a balanced account on issues pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to present a complete understanding of the war.

Rev Okosun said since the conflict broke, information available on the internet and social media platforms had been mainly one-sided and favourable towards Palestine.    

“These are lands the Israelites fought for and officially gained ownership over through war.

The basic genesis of this conflict is that the British was formerly in charge of the lands but later, they gave room to the Jews to come back and reclaim their ancestral home. A two-state solution was offered but the Arabs objected and rather proclaimed war,” he said.

“Surprisingly, Israel won the war and reclaimed their original lands including extra ones”.

At least 227 people in Gaza have been killed, including 64 children, and 1,620 have been wounded as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.   

Israeli airstrikes and shelling have destroyed or damaged homes, roads and medical facilities across the territory.

The United Nations (UN) said that more than 58,000 Palestinians in Gaza had been displaced from their homes, many huddling in UN-run schools that have in effect become bomb shelters.

Covid-19 vaccinations have stopped, and on Tuesday an Israeli strike knocked out the only lab in the territory that processes coronavirus tests.