"I love you so. You are all I have… that’s why I love you so much", These are lines from one of the famous songs by veteran singer Asabea Cropper.

Known for her unique Kente culture, her traditional “Tekuwaa” (headgear) her horns, beads, kente outfit and that silky voice with the Ada lyrics, she dazzled Ghanaians, together with her brother Kenteman, to woo the hearts of many Ghanaians in the ‘90s.

Veteran singer Asabea Cropper has disclosed that she is set to stage her comeback into the music industry this year with a new song which she hopes will be a hit. The song has a line which goes, “If you want to dance with me, no wretchedness and you gotta dress decently”.

Explaining reasons for her absence from the music scene, she noted “I took a break from the industry to attend to family and some other personal stuff”.

Asabea added in an interview with this paper that she feels excited when she hears the young crop of singers doing so well.

“If you have your own children in the house who are grown up and have their cars and houses and they have money and everything, won’t you feel happy?

“When I see the Raquel’s, the Efya’s, the Irene’s and the Samini’s doing well, I feel so happy”.

When asked her favourite song from the current crop of musicians, she mentioned “Menam na me tsi tsi…. Seihor seihor” by Castro. She says, musically, she is in love with the beat “Pa da da, pa da pa da”, meaning, to wit, because, I play the horns, so I hear the saxes in there.

Asabea Cropper, who is a proud Ga Adangbe, never hesitates to showcase her culture. She explains what motivates her to dress the way she does.

“In the 1960’s we were taught in school about African Personality in the days of Kwame Nkrumah, so that is where we I got this from. Also, my grandmother, who used to put these beads on us and my mum who used to wear the Kente, bought me my first Kente. I wanted to be unique so that was why I combined all these “the “tekuwa’s, the Ahenema’s and my Kente”, she reiterated.