The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana has expressed worry over the increasing spate of students using dishonest means to acquire degrees.

Speaking at the 70th graduation ceremony of the Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey said cheating, fraud and plagiarism remain a major setback for many universities in the country.

“….there are far too many Ghanaians who claim to have certificates that they do not have…there are far too many Ghanaians in public spaces who have certificates they acquired illegitimately…” he asserted.

Two hundred and forty students graduated from the Trinity Theological Seminary on Saturday, November 7 with Masters of Divinity, Masters of Theology, Masters of Arts in Ministry and Bachelor of Theology.

Prof Ayeetey also revealed that the University of Ghana is investigating certificates of about fifteen people who are working in the public sector.

He, therefore, urged universities across the country to jealously protect their reputation by stamping out all forms of cheating from their institutions.

“It is time as Ghanaians that we assessed ourselves, ensuring that everybody who goes to our Universities, Polytechnics, and Seminaries are taking away certificates they have worked for,” he advised.