Singer and songwriter Cina Soul is out with a new single titled ‘Killi Mi’.

It seems the young musician is targetting unhealthy relationships with her 2019 releases. 

From addressing cheating in her previous song ‘Ojorley’, Cina Soul is taking on toxic relationships and domestic violence in this new track.

In the video to the track, Cina Soul and her on-screen partner demonstrate behaviours which not only put their relationship in jeopardy but also are damaging to their physical and mental well being.

The constant emotional abuse from one partner transforms into physical abuse. 

Cina Soul in the video attacks her partner for something he had done and he reciprocates – leaving them both with bruises.

In her prelude, she admits that being in the abusive relationship is not a healthy choice.

The cycle is continuous and by the end of the prelude, she hits her lover with a stone. 

The epilogue, however, Cina’s on-screen lover hits her with the stone and stands by her body while she bleeds.

Cina Soul in ‘Killi Mi’ puts into perspective what people in abusive and toxic relationships go through. Also, it details what would happen to people in such relationships if their situation gets out of hand.

She uses the ‘Killi Mi’ visuals to ask the question, ‘who wins when someone is in an abusive relationship’? The part of you that wants out of the relationship or the part that still wants to stay?

In all the drama, Cina Soul and her lover agree they have been wrong with how they treated each other, but they are finding it difficult to end their relationship because of their love.

“We tell ourselves every time it’s the last time; that it won’t happen again and then it does. I know you hurt me because I hurt you. I forgive you because I love you, every time you break me I try to fix you, but what happens in the end when I’m broken beyond repairs,” are some of the lyrics of the song.

Watch the music video below:


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