The music duo Keche you see today, was not the same Keche about a decade ago. Their life then was a far cry from the glitz many see and admire today.

After meeting some 15 years ago to forge a common cause – that is, do music, life threw unbearable hardships and seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their way.

To make ends meet and also get some money to record their songs, they worked at the Tema port, washed cars but none beats the tale of the food seller’s daughter.

Andrew Cudjoe, the short member of the duo, in an interview on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM with Amanda Jissih recounted an incident when Joshua Ampah dated a food seller’s daughter without the woman's approval.

The primary purpose of this relationship was to give them access to free food.

According to Andrew, one day, whilst his group mate was with the girl, her mother reported him to the police who appeared from nowhere and gave him a hot chase in his boxer shorts and singlets.

Watch the interesting revelations below: