Nigerian-American rapper, Jidenna, has lauded President Akufo-Addo for gifting African-Americans the opportunity to revisit their ancestral land, 400 years after the slave epoch.

Speaking on ‘The Breakfast Club’ show on US-based Power 105, Jidenna said the ‘Year of Return’ initiative deserves mass coverage in the Western world.

According to the ‘Bambi’ hitmaker, it will give them equal opportunity to know their family roots and grant them the opportunity to reconnect with their past.

“The president of Ghana just announced recently that if you are an African-American or Caribbean-American or from the Diaspora and you go back to Ghana and trace your roots even if you just live there, you’re going to be granted voting rights.

“That’s a big headline. It changes how you look at things. Say, we got another Trump and we already seen the game you can be like for the next four years, I’m out [to Ghana].”

Watch the full interview below: