Actor Kweku Elliot and colleague actress Belinda Dzattah have revealed they are dating.

The thespians disclosed they were an item to JoyNews’ MzGee.

Belinda and Kweku who were initially shying away from the camera when the question of their status was asked them, finally let the cat out of the bag.

“Tell them,” said Kweku to Belinda, who asked “should I” and when she (Belinda) got the nod, she told MzGee, “Yeah” as confirmation.

When asked for how long, Kweku responded: “like six months.”

Kweku added that they were low key about their relationship because “Nobody needs to know our business.”

The celebrity pair will, however, not open up on what the future holds for their relationship.

“Don’t worry when the time comes you will know” was the answer they both gave.

Watch the video below for more: