Muslims are allowed to marry more than one wife but former Black Stars midfielder, Sulley Muntari – a devout Muslim – has promised his wife that he will never go in for a second wife.

Former beauty queen, Menaye Donkor disclosed this in a recent interview with Delores Frimpong Manson, popularly known as ‘Delay’, on the Delay Show.

According to the mother-of-one, she had a discussion with the former Milan midfielder before their union and he assured her that she is enough for him and that he will never get another wife.

“Sulley is always home and I know what I have at home. He hasn’t come to tell me that he wants to marry a second wife despite being a Muslim,” she told Delay.

“When we met, we had a conversation about that and he said his father married only one wife and that I am a whole lot of a woman for him so he can’t think of marrying another wife in addition to me. That will be a whole lot,” she continued.

“Taking another girlfriend is not part of the agreement I have with him,” she said.

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