In the spirit of Vlisco’s 170th Anniversary celebrations, the thrilling third instalment of Vlisco’s designer collaboration initiative returned to the flagship Vlisco boutique at the Accra Mall on Friday, 9th September.

This collaboration follows the recent successful collections of Stylista and Poqua Poqu from earlier this year.

For this instalment, leading African textile manufacturer Vlisco, teams up with talented Ghanaian designer, Melanie Crane, for ‘Vlisco x Melanie Crane: the Capsule Collection’.

Melanie Crane is known for creating fashion indicative of African heritage, laced with inspirations from around the world. The ten-piece collection exclusively features fabrics from Vlisco’s latest innovative line.

Vlisco Melaine

 Speaking about the latest designer collaboration, Vlisco’s Marketing Director, Stephen Badu said, “Melanie Crane’s youthful perspective on fashion made her the perfect choice for this quarter’s design collaboration.

Her ability to create an invigorating collection out of colourful and vibrant fabric really embodies the timelessness of Vlisco.”

He added that, “In marking Vlisco’s 170th Anniversary celebrations we expect her collection to draw in the young and young at heart to invest in our brand, and be a part of the Vlisco story.”

Melanie Crane Couture is a bold and edgy label that isn’t afraid to take risks. From humble beginnings, Stephanie Melanie, founder and CEO of Melanie Crane, has pioneered a couture house through her simple love and passion for fashion.

Vlisco Melaine

The vibrant colours she uses and her innovative mix of fabrics gives the wearer confidence to tackle anything life throws at them. Inspired by the rich, 170 year old history of Vlisco, Melanie Crane is set to reinvent the wheel with her creative designs in this collection.

 “It is really exciting to be able to work with Vlisco for such a memorable occasion,” said Stephanie Melanie, “You can’t help but be inspired by the vivacious and flamboyant fabric and I am looking forward to a great ride with them on this collection.”

 The collection will be displayed on mannequins in the Vlisco Boutique from 9th September to the end of October and customers who are captivated by the designs are encouraged to work with Melanie Crane to re-create the styles in customized outfits tailored to their needs.


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