The Volta  Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Letsa  has said very little has been done to harness the talents and potential in fashion and arts of the teeming Ghanaian youth.

According to him, the dual sector of fashion and arts have the potential of creating jobs for dozens of youth in the country.

The Minister made these statements at the launch of the Volta Fashion and Arts Week celebration at the Volta Regional Coordinating Council in Ho.

Speaking on the theme for the celebration " Promoting Entrepreneurship through Arts, fashion and tourism," Dr. Letsa, indicated government's readiness in ensuring that the Arts industry flourishes.

According to him, as a government that believes in the private sector as the engine of growth, it will continue to collaborate with the private sector to promote regional and district arts and fashion shows during festivals among schools and colleges.

He believed this will promote interest in the arts and fashion industry among the youths and thereby create more employment avenues for them.

“We continue to collaborate with the private sector in other to create job opportunities for the youth through these programs “ he said.

The CEO for Sasa clothing , King Norbet Akpabli in an interview noted that the Volta Region has a huge potential for arts of textile and craftsmanship which must be tapped.

According to him, such traditional arts are an integral part of Ghana's heritage and cultural identity, which can also create jobs for the youth in many communities in the country as well.

“Traditional arts are an integral part of the Ghana's heritage and cultural identity which has the opportunity of creating employment and giving the young people jobs ” Norbet said.

As a means of commemorating Ghana's 60th independence anniversary, Sasa clothing and the regional coordinating council together with business community in the Volta region are organizing a 3-day fashion and arts fair to showcase the potentials of the region.

An entrepreneur, Dr Senanu  Agumenu  said there was the need for good packaging and labeling for better marketing of the products.

The program which is designed to create an avenue for fashion designers to showcase their wares will last for three days with the exhibition of different clothing styles and textiles. 


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