As part of activities to mark this year’s breast cancer awareness month, Voltic Ghana Limited has held a free breast cancer screening for its teeming customers in Koforidua.

The event which forms part of Voltic’s Women Empowerment Programme to acknowledge and financially empower the women in the company’s value chain brought together 250 women compromising factory hands, hawkers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors.  

Voltic breast cancer awareness

To this help increase awareness on breast cancer, improve outcomes and survival rates, October every year is celebrated globally as breast cancer awareness month.

Beyond breast cancer screening, participants were given a health talk on breast cancer and other female-related ailments.

Participants were additionally educated on pension for the informal sector and were encouraged to seize the opportunity to prepare towards their future retirement.

Francisca Bart Addison, the Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Voltic said, “‘The 3Ws’ – Women Empowerment; Water, and Waste Management –  are our three-pronged sustainability initiative. This is part of our contribution to the socio-economic development of especially the women and communities in which we operate.

Voltic breast cancer awareness

She added, “As Voltic funds the initial contribution for the over 200 women to start a pensions journey, we hope to cushion these women during their old age when they can no longer be in full employment.”

Over the years, Voltic has supported several women in its value chain for their tremendous contribution towards the Voltic business and for reinforcing the Voltic quality offering of the brand even as the company readies for its 25th anniversary in 2020.

On his part, Bridgid Seglah, team lead for My Own Pension at United Pension Trustees said they are “proud to be associated with Voltic on this agenda to secure a comfortable retirement for women using our platform.”

Voltic breast cancer awareness

My Own Pension offers customers convenient payment frequencies and ease of payment through automatic deductions from their MTN Momo wallets product.


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