Citizen vigilante, Martin Amidu has urged Ghanaians to vote out the governing National Democratic Congress as the only way to retrieve monies paid fraudulently to business man Alfred Woyome and construction firm Waterville.

The former Attorney General has said government has shown no interest whatsoever in recovering the monies to the state but has invested time and resources in deceiving Ghanaians  that it is committed to doing same.

Business man Alfred Woyome, a financier of the governing party has been ordered to refund a whooping 51.2 million cedis paid to him in 2010.

So too has Waterville, a company contracted to construct stadia for the CAN 2008 Nations Cup. They were also paid in excess of €47 million.

Martin Amidu in 2014 went to the Supreme Court with an application that these monies were wrongfully paid to the parties involved and must be refunded.

The court agreed with him, with one of the judges describing the payment to Woyome and Waterville as a grand plot to plunder the nation's coffers, a scheme to "create loot and share."

Two years after the ruling was given the Attorney General has been unable to retrieve the monies from Woyome and Waterville.

The last straw, was a move by the Attorney General to discontinue an oral examination of Woyome and to have him pay the amount, an action that infuriated Martin Amidu and forced him to make a return to the Court to demand that he be granted the right to orally examine Woyome.

The court granted him his wish to examine Woyome and set a November 24 date. The court also cited a seeming lack of interest by the AG's department to retrieve the monies. But the Attorney General's department disagreed with the verdict.

A day after the court ruled, Martin Amidu, referred to as the Citizen Vigilante, has issued one of his numerous epistles damning the government, and questioning its commitment to have the monies paid to the state.

"Does the Ghana Government believe us to be so easily fooled that they concoct Woyome part payments of the judgment debt as smoke and mirrors for their election campaign?" he asked

Martin Amidu wondered why Woyome will pay 4 million cedis as part payment of the 51 cedis he looted to EOCO, an institution which is not party to the case, when he could so easily have paid the amount to the Finance Ministry or to the Supreme Court.

"The acceptance of the Economic and Organized Crime Office cheque by the Attorney General and the deception of the public by the Attorney General that it is part payment for the refund ordered by the Court brings into question the competence of the Attorney General and the Government in pursuit of the interest of the Republic. The whole scheme appears to have been cooked to defeat my application for leave to examine Woyome orally on oath. In the hurry of the Government and Woyome to defeat my application they could not even cover their tracks with a cheque drawn on the Ministry of Finance or the Accountant-General as custodian of the consolidated fund. The cheque could also have been drawn on the Registrar of the Supreme Court and paid into court for the Republic," he stated.

He said with the unassailable effort by the government to cover up the, the only way out for Ghanaians is to vote out the NDC.

"A new Government will prosecute Woyome under Article 2(3) and (4) of the 1992 Constitution for High Crime should he delay any further in refunding the unconstitutional loot. The new Government will also enforce the Waterville judgment debt of over Euro 47million loot or prosecute it for High Crime.

"I am a senior and foundation member of the NDC, the Governing party. But I am compelled to put Ghana First and to defend the 1992 Constitution by saying that the only way Ghanaians can have the Woyome/Austro-Invest joint loot refunded is to change the Government that created, looted and shared the loot with them during the Presidential elections this year," he stated.


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