Former President John Dramani Mahama has promised to establish a training centre at for automobile craftsmen at Wa ‘Magazine’ in the Upper West Region.

This, according to Mr. Mahama will be done under a policy dubbed “the National Apprenticeship Programme.”

He explained that, the programme will register all master craftsmen and women all over the country for them to pass on their skills to the youth interested in acquiring similar skills.

The NDC flagbearer for the 2020 elections gave the promise when he met some workers during his four-day campaign tour of the Upper West Region.

Mr. Mahama noted that due to the inability of the youth to pay for such training, many migrate to the south to raise the money in order to come back and pay for their training.

“We will finance the apprenticeship fees for 200,000 young people and provide them with the tools that they need to be able to open their own workshops”, he said.

Former President Mahama also noted that the next NDC administration would create a small credit scheme to enable the master craftsmen have access to such funds to buy modern machines to provide effective services.

The Leader of the NDC for the 2020 elections also hinted that his party would also make technical and vocation training free up to the tertiary level.

“We will integrate modern automobile training into the programmes of these technical and vocational training schools to improve their skills”, he said.

Responding to some other concerns raised by Mr. Abdulai Ahmed, Secretary to the Wa ‘Magazine’ Workers Association, former President Mahama said a new NDC administration would work with them to re-engineer the place by properly demarcating the roads, drainage system, and the various workshops to create an enabling environment.

He also appealed to them to vote the NDC back to power come December 7, to enable the party to continue to implement the good programmes and policies to improve on the people’s quality of life.

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