Counsellor Oscar Siripi has condemned Ghanaians for celebrating people with questionable behaviour and lifestyle choices.

According to him, people in the society have been known to glorify the evil people do and condemn the good which is negatively affecting the mindset of many youths in the country who are watching.

His comments come after rapper Yaa Pono during his performance at Pent Hall in the University of Ghana on Saturday advised students to smoke weed whenever they have a hard time studying.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Counsellor Oscar said, “we are celebrating people who are misbehaving” and the youth are influenced by the actions and words by some of these people.

He added some of these people who are celebrated for all wrong reasons have a huge following on social media. “Once we have that then young people think for them to be popular, accepted and make money they must live in a certain way.”

Counsellor Oscar told Sammy Forson, host of the show, the mindset of the people in the society needs to change.

Using former hiplife artiste Lord Kenya, as an example, he said many people bashed and criticised Lord Kenya for becoming born again and questioned if it was authentic.

“These kinds of things keep happening when you live in a society where bad is celebrated,” he said.

He advocated for the actions of people who do wrong to be condemned and the people who do good to be celebrated.

“If our mindsets change the youth will know that for them to be celebrated, they need to do good. They won’t go about following people who will not have a positive impact in their lives,” Counsellor Oscar stated.

The abundance of celebrity mentorship in senior high schools and the universities have also been questioned by many people who believe some of these celebrities do not have what it takes to mentor students.

The counsellor explained children who do not have role models at home turn to make other people in the society their role models, which sometimes can be a problem.

According to him, people have chosen to live their life anyhow regardless of how it affects others. “Every morning people exchanged words on social media and they say people cannot judge them because nobody is perfect.”

He said people do not have to be perfect to speak against evil.

The counsellor urged people to shift from celebrating people in the limelight who have nothing positive for young people and start celebrating people who would impact positively in the lives of the youth.

“If the good people do not take into their hands to educate some of these youths from their alma maters and communities, then others will take it into their hands to corrupt them,” he concluded.