Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Boamah Otokunor says the party has faith in the Supreme Court to appropriately handle its petition against the results of the 2020 general election.

This follows Tuesday’s official announcement of the party’s intention to legally contest the outcome of the December 7 elections.

In a press release signed by the party’s General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu-Nketiah, the NDC indicated that the decision was reached after a meeting between members of the National Executive Committee to “discuss matters arising out of the recently conducted polls”.

Speaking on Joy News’ Top Story Tuesday, Mr. Otokunor asked that the speculation that the NDC had delayed in filing their petition due to their lack of confidence in the country’s judicial system be disregarded.

“…obviously if you seek judicial redress that is the only place that you can seek respite. So we are going there with all the confidence that we can find respite from the Supreme Court,” he said.

He also reiterated the party’s position to persist with their nationwide protests in order to drum home their demand for the Electoral Commission’s (EC) verdict to be overturned.

According to him, the mass street protests are also directed at ensuring that justice is served to the families of the eight citizens who lost their lives during the election period.

“The protests will continue unabated…and we are doing that specifically with the belief that there are things that are a requirement of the state – and we’d require the government to undertake just this for the people”.

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