Henry Asante-Twum, Communications director of the Ghana Football Association says the local football association stands with CAF over its decision to go ahead with the schedule of AFCON 2021.

The tournament, which has already been postponed twice, has come under scrutiny again by the European Club Association (ECA) and FIFA who are actively pushing for another postponement.

Recently, FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated that an AFCON held in the long summer break of autumn will work best for everyone.

But CAF president, Dr. Patrice Motsepe after visiting Cameroon on official pre-AFCON duties, reiterated the commitment of CAF to the tournament. He indicated that AFCON 2021 will go ahead as scheduled.

The Ghana Football Association speaking on the issue for the first time via Asante-Twum, believe the heritage of the African Cup of Nations is one which needs to be respected.

The GFA Communications Director also indicated that the GFA are in support of CAF’s decision to go ahead with AFCON 2021’s current schedule.

“This is not the first time we’ve had people express their opinion on the African Cup of Nations and the timing and all related issues, and it will not be the last time. The African Cup of Nations has been around since the foundation of football in Africa from 1957. We’ve built this brand from 1957 until now, we’ve had some 30 editions of the AFCON and we have to respect the brand.

“The FIFA president can make his opinion known – I know there are certain clubs that are reluctant in releasing their players, we respect all that but the AFCON is the AFCON. We need to preserve the tradition of African football so the position of the Ghana Football Association is simple, and our position is that we respect the decision of the Executive Committee of CAF that the tournament should go ahead as scheduled.

“I’ve also listened to the CAF president Dr. Patrice Motsepe who says the tournament will go ahead according to schedule and we cannot help but agree with these assertions from the leadership of football on the African continent. AFCON belongs to us, we must preserve and protect the integrity and dignity of this brand and as far as the FA is concerned, that is what we are seeking to push.”

The tournament is slated to kickoff on January 9, with Ghana’s first game being on January 11.

The 30-man preliminary squad of the Black Stars will hold a training camp in Doha before Milovan Rajevac submits a final list of 28 players before deadline of January 30.


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