Head of Ahmed Legal Consult has stated that to rid the country of domestic violence cases, a mandatory subject on the canker should be added to the academic curriculum.

Musah Ahmed, speaking on Joy News’ The Law, Sunday, noted that educating an individual at an early stage helps to inculcate the habit of respect and tolerance for people.

“We should have a core subject on domestic violence in our schools so that if we want a better marriage system free of domestic violence, then we should have it a core subject in our schools.

He says, “you don’t wait for the person to become a mature person to go into the marriage to begin to educate him about it; it will never work because once he has acquired the habit, you can’t change him.”

His comment comes as a response to the increasing number of domestic and economic abuse recorded in Ghana.

According to statistics from the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), about 16,586 domestic violence cases were reported in 2020.

Expressing concern over the surge in Domestic violence, Mr Ahmed intimated that exposing a child to an abusive and violent environment can hurt their attitude.

He further encouraged parents to nurture their wards to become a better individuals in society.

“Our mothers and our parents should be involved in inculcating the habit of respect into the children so that when they grow up they will know that it is not good to abuse your partner.”