The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has promised that it will deliver one million jobs within its first year in office.

Mona Quartey, former Deputy Finance Minister disclosed this on JoyPrime’s Prime Morning show, Wednesday.

The party’s flagbearer John Mahama had earlier revealed that the NDC would create a million jobs if voted into power on December 7, but Madam Quartey said the party seeks to achieve this within its first year.

Giving a breakdown, she said, “the 16 private sector areas will award 255,000 jobs, while the Big Push project will also award 250,000 jobs.”

She added that the public sector will also provide over 357,000 jobs all in a bid to curb unemployment.

The issue of unemployment remains the biggest challenge the country is yet to address.

Although several governments have tried to solve the problem through various interventions, the problem still exists.

A recent Afrobarometer report indicated that unemployment is among the biggest problems youth in the country want government to solve.

Former President John Mahama has assured that more jobs will be created when the NDC government is given the nod.

He said this will be done through the $10 billion ‘Big Push’ project.