A prospective couple in South Africa have been receiving several sponsorships from a lot of multinational companies and well-wishers, following a viral video of their proposal in a local Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) restaurant.

The pair, who have been identified as Hector and Nonhlanhla, gained massive attention after a video of them was posted by KFC South Africa’s Twitter account.

Hector told South African media he would “like to have a small event to celebrate his wife but the budget is tight.”

However, many companies have offered help to support their wedding.

The first to indicate sponsorship was KFC South Africa who promised food to anyone who gave them leads to find the couple as well.

The next was from Amstel in South Africa who offered some cider for refreshment at their marriage ceremony.


Lion Larger also offered to assist with drinks.


Puma has gifted them some R10, 000 worth of in-store thread


This was shortly followed by Coca Cola, Southern Sun hotel also gave the couple an offer of a 2-night stay.

Huawei Mobile has supported them with mobile phones to “capture all of their memorable moments”.

The couple has received assurance from Standard Bank, South Africa for monetary support, A jewellery company, Emerald, has donated a pair of wedding rings to them.

Meanwhile, several other donations and well-wishes have been pouring in on social media.

This one of many proposal videos that have surfaced on social media in recent times. While some do not end go as planned, their’s is one of the few which has become successful.