The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has warned of strike action if government fails to resolve outstanding issues laid before it. 

Nicholas Taylor, who is in-Charge of Administration at the GNAT Headquarters, outlined the withdrawal of responsibility allowances, promotional examination challenges, the 4% and 7% salary increments, and delay in providing incentives for teachers in rural areas communities, among others. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 6th Quadrennial Volta Regional Delegates Conference held in Ho, said the government has until the end of September to address the issues or face the wrath of the agitating teachers. 

The Volta Regional Chairman of GNAT, David Kwabka Kattah, express dissatisfaction at the recent 4% and 7% salary increments for teachers and entreated the Trades Union Congress to renegotiate with government. 

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ho Technical University, Prof Ben Quarshie Honyenugah, entreated stakeholders to ensure teachers have better working conditions.

There was a little drama when the Volta Regional Acting Chairman for TUC, Madam Edith Amenuveve, was introduced.

She, however, advocated for stronger cooperation between the various labour associations towards demanding better working conditions. 

The Conference was used to launch an app for the Teachers Find Credit Mall, a subsidiary that provides teachers with the opportunity to procure electrical appliances on lay buy terms. 


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