WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new in-app web browser which comes equipped with cutting edge security mechanisms.

Analysis of the latest version of the beta software has revealed that users will soon be able to surf the web inside WhatsApp, rather than having to move to a different piece of software.

The messaging app is staying one step ahead of any potential criticism and has already taken steps to address some of the ways this new feature could be exploited by cybercrooks.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s new web browser will use ‘Safe Browsing’ tech to make sure people can’t fall victim to cybercrooks.

Hackers are trying to find new victims every day and one of the main weapons in their arsenal is actually rather simple: fake links which are designed to fool people into clicking on them.

But Safe Browsing technology highlights these websites and won’t allow you to visit them without reading a warning and actively choosing to click through.

The in-app browser is also said to forbid the taking of screenshots or video recordings as well as operating in a way which will not allow WhatsApp or Facebook to see what you’re looking at on the web, which appears to chime with Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘privacy-focused vision’ for the future of Facebook.

Safe Browsing uses WebView v66 software which was added in Android 8.1 last year, so it’s not clear if and when the feature will make it to iOS.