Former Ashanti Regional Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says he doesn’t see the power tilting to the NPP in the Assin North Constituency whether through the courts or a by-election.

Brogya Genfi said the dynamism, passion and leadership demonstrated by Joe Gyakye Quayson in the constituency for the past eight months makes him the favourite.

Speaking on the sidelines of the visit of Mr Gyakye Quayson and the national leadership of the NDC to the Assin North Constituency, he said the love the people have forMr Gyakye Quayson is stronger than anybody could imagine, and nothing could change the tides in favour of the NPP.

He says an analysis of the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections indicates how strong Mr Quayson was on the ground.

Whether through courts or by-election, I don’t see anything changing in Assin North – Brogya Genfi

“And that’s why if you analyse the 2020 Parliamentary results, he even outperformed the NDC Presidential candidate, John Mahama, and also outperformed the NPP’s Presidential candidate who won the Presidential elections,” he said.

He says Joe Quayson is somebody whose interest is to serve the people, give development to the people and ultimately, give back to his community.

The National Communication team member explains: “Clearly when you listen to the speech and the passion with which he spoke, you could feel that this is a very selfless MP whose ultimate goal is his service to the people.”

Mr Genfi indicates, Joe Quayson’s quest to lead his people was solely borne out of sheer passion and his unbridled quest to develop his area.

Mr Quayson, according to Brogya Genfi, spent quite a number of his years in Canada and made it there, and his only drive is to come home and give back to the community he hails from.

Whether through courts or by-election, I don’t see anything changing in Assin North – Brogya Genfi

The embattled Assin North MP shed tears when he addressed the chiefs of Assin Bereku, and Mr Genfi says the chiefs were touched with the speech delivered by Joe Quayson, and there’s no doubt they are with him through these troubling times.

“Looking from the faces of the chiefs, I have the feeling they were touched by his speech, and I am strongly of the view that this is the man for the people,” he stated.

A Cape Coast High Court last week annulled the Parliamentary Election in the Constituency because the MP was not qualified to run at the time because he had not completed the processes leading to the renunciation of his Canadian citizenship.