Hundreds of excited wholesalers across five regions in the country have expressed their confidence and joy about the introduction of the new additions to the PGH culinary category family, Onga Beef and Stew Tablet. 

This came after a successful completion of the first phase of the wholesalers launch of the new Onga Beef & Stew Tablet.

The launch saw the introduction of the two products to hundreds of wholesalers in separate meetings in the five regions visited (Northern region, Upper East, Upper West, Greater Accra and the Ashanti region).

Under each meeting, wholesalers were introduced to the new products through a detailed presentation which included the pricing, packaging, the content and other features of both products.

Other issues discussed included full launch plans and marketing support which is geared towards promoting the products.

Each wholesaler was treated to mouth-watering rich tasty meals prepared with both products through a cooking demo at each meeting.

Culinary Category lead, Miss Eva Njeri Njeru, in her presentation to participants, acknowledged the contributions of wholesalers to the success of the Onga brand.

She also recounted the need to introduce new variants of the  Onga brand to meet the demands of the market, hence the new beef and stew Tablet.

According to Miss Njeru, wholesalers should be assured of value for their monies because the two new products were made after a thorough consumer insight on demand.

She further assured wholesalers of the rich superior taste and aroma that comes with the new Onga beef and stew tablet.

As part of each meeting, there was also an open forum session to address general issues experienced by wholesalers in their respective markets.

These issues included experience with all Onga products, activities from competitor brands, recommendations and questions from wholesalers.

Each wholesaler took home Onga souvenirs which included Onga parasols, blenders, rice cookers, ice chest to name a few, they were also presented with samples of the new products for their personal use.