Cadbury Ghana Limited, producers of Richoco, has launched the second edition of its flagship ‘Mornings In Ghana National Essay Competition.’

This year, the competition seeks to address the age-long negative effects of illegal mining and threats posed by these activities on agricultural lands, particularly that of cocoa.

Considering the heritage and economic impact of cocoa on Ghana, it is important that the next generation of Ghanaian youth be made to understand the value of this crop and do all it takes to preserve it.  

Targeted at Upper Primary, Junior High and Senior High students living in Ghana, the competition will not only seek to reward deserving winners, but also showcase the writing abilities of participants with Richoco playing a vital role In bringing out the passion and talents of these young writers, whilst providing the essential nutrients needed to start their day.

To Enter:

  1. Write an Essay addressing the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, on the effects of illegal mining on cocoa farms, stating the importance of cocoa to Ghanaians
  2. Essay must be handwritten and not less than 400 words for Upper Primary, 600 words for Junior High, and 750 words for Senior High students.
  3. Attach 10 empty sachets of Richoco 20g or 1 empty pack of Richoco 500g or 1 empty sachet of Richoco 1kg
  4. Drop off your entry at any of the vantage points pan Ghana (Please visit the Cadbury Richoco Facebook and Instagram pages for a list of drop off locations).
  5. Entries can also be posted to; Richoco National Essay Competition, P.O.Box AF 851 Adenta-Accra.
  6. Applicants must submit their entry along with complete contact information (School name and address, residential address, phone number and/or email address)
  7. Deadline for submission of entries is 30th September 2021.

A total of ¢100,000 in cash prizes, will be shared amongst the top 15 participants in the following order:

  • The top 5 essays from each category (Upper Primary, JHS and SHS), will take part in the final quiz to determine who wins the grand prize from each category.
  • The winners from each category will win ¢10,000 for themselves, and another ¢10,000 for their respective schools.
  • All remaining finalists will each walk away with cash prizes for themselves.
  • For more information on the competition as well as terms and conditions, please visit the Cadbury Richoco Facebook and Instagram pages.

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