An Ohio woman reportedly crashed her car into two other vehicles and a house after taking her hands off the wheel and letting God take control at a speed of 120 mph (190km/h), as a way to test her faith.

Authorities claim that the unnamed 31-year-old was driving a car with her daughter, aged 11, down the streets of Beachwood, Ohio, at around midnight on June 15.

Security footage shows her car running a red light and eventually spin out of control, hit a utility pole and two other vehicles before stopping into a house.

Luckily, neither the driver nor her child was seriously hurt, and the house they crashed into, which was empty at the time, suffered only minor damage.

Upon questioning the driver about the accident, police officers were shocked to hear that she had been going through trials and tribulations lately and simply decided to “let go and let God take the wheel”.

The 31-year-old woman said that she had recently lost her job and had been going through a lot, so she decided to just step on the acceleration and take the hands of the steering wheel in order to “test her faith in God”.

The woman has now been charged with felony assault, endangering a child, and driving under suspension, and a grand jury is expected to consider the case later this week.

Local media reports that, despite the charges against her, the young mother continues to claim that she did the right thing by letting God take the wheel to see if it would put her on the ‘right path.