The UNDP Resident Representative in Ghana, Dr Angela Lusigi has called on all and sundry particularly the youth to be involved in ensuring the sustainability of peace in the country.

Highlighting that the youths are the country’s greatest resource and catalyst of change, Dr Lusigi underscored the need for peace to be a shared responsibility.

She said this when delivering her opening remarks at the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 National Youth Dialogue organized by the UNDP and Youth Advocates Ghana(YAG).

“In order for SDG 16 to be achieved, we must first ensure that young people have access to quality education. Education is the key to employment, entrepreneurship, and decent work.

“When young people are financially independent and empowered, they contribute meaningfully to a peaceful and just society,” she said.

The Resident Representative, also charged the young people to activate the Decade of Action – People Action to achieve the SDGs.

“I urge you to work together to create an unstoppable force that will promote peace and be the generation to end conflicts and violence.

“Bring your energetic exuberance onboard to make SDG 16 a success for Ghana. By amplifying your innovative and creative solutions we can show the world that your ideas are Ghana’s most useful asset in promoting peace,” she called.

The SDG 16 is about “peace, justice, and strong institutions” and a valuable and important objective in its own right as it is a key enabler of the entire sustainable development agenda.

The dialogue brought together young people, government institutional representatives, and other policy influencers including CSOs to engage and leverage ideas of young people towards the attainment of SDG 16

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