Workers Union of the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and  Integrated  Development  Studies  (SDD-UBIDS), in Wa, have embarked on an industrial strike action.

The members of the Union are; University Teachers  Association  of  Ghana  (UTAG),  Ghana  Association  of  University Administrators (GAUA), Senior Staff Association-Universities of Ghana (SSA-UoG)  and  the  Teachers  and  Educational  Workers’  Union  (TEWU).

Workers Union of SDD-UBIDS embarks on industrial strike action

This follows the clandestine  move  by  the  Ghana Tertiary  Education  Commission  (GTEC)  to  migrate  staff  of  SDD-UBIDS  and CKT  University  of  Technology  and  Applied  Sciences  (CKT-UTAS)  onto  the Controller  and  Accountant  General’s  Department  (CAGD)  payroll  (IPPD2)  in violation  of  the  conditions  precedent  in  the  recent  agreement  between  the university workers unions in Ghana, CAGD, and GTEC under the order of the National Labour Commission (NLC).

Workers Union of SDD-UBIDS embarks on industrial strike action

Key among the conditions precedent for the CAGD’s IPPD2 migration are:

(1) IPPD2  application  and  add-ons  to  be  installed  at  the  various  campuses  (2) Finance directorates and personnel to be trained on the use of the IPPD2 system without  the  direct  involvement  of  CAGD

(3)  CAGD  to  undertake  a  three-month  test  run  with  existing  payroll  data,  in  parallel  to  the  present  payroll systems of the individual campuses so as to rectify all discrepancies, and

(4) The 2 status  quo  at  all  campuses  to  remain  as  directed  by  NLC  until  these  key conditions  are  met  and  a  Memorandum  of  Agreement  (MOA)  signed  between the workers unions and CAGD.

As at now, none of these has happened on the SDD-UBIDS   and   CTK-UTAS   campuses -no   installation   of   the   IPPD2 infrastructure, no training of staff and no test run.