Free yourselves from Museveni – Economic Fighters League tells Ugandan youths

Free yourselves from Museveni – Economic Fighters League tells Ugandan youths
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Date: 01-05-2019 Time: 06:05:31:am

Ghana’s left-wing political movement has urged Ugandan youth to rid their country of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has been President since 1987.

Leader of the Economic Fighters League Ernesto Yeboah in a Facebook post said the 74-year old leader, no longer commands submission.

“If you feared Museveni because he was young and sharp, I’m happy to inform you that he is weak and frail,” he said.

Yoweri Museveni

The 37-year-old musician, freedom fighter and MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who goes by the stage name Bobi Wine, has emerged as a leading critic of President Yoweri Museveni with his politically-themed songs.

His songs not only invites attention from youths but also opposition from Uganda's ruling party, National Resistance Movement.

The party has endorsed the septuagenarian for the 2021 presidential elections after Parliament voted to remove term limits which could extend his grip on power to 40years.

But the Uganda pop star Bobi Wine has been urging the President to step down. Museveni has retorted, he sticks to music.

Bobi Wine was allegedly tortured in August 2018 by members of Uganda's presidential guard after his arrest at a political rally in August, leading to violent protests in the capital, Kampala.

Already facing treason charges, he was again arrested Monday triggering a protest Tuesday which was quelled by police who fired rubber bullets and tear gas. 

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Photo: Bobi Wine during the 2018 protest against Uganda's social media tax law

Adding his voice to calls for a change, leader of Ghana’s Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, has urged Uganda’s youth, “today is your best time to strike.”

He pointed to Algeria and Sudan as examples of long-serving African leaders who have abandoned power following popular resistance. 

Algeria's ailing 82-year-old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigned April 3 after his announced intentions to run for a fifth term in the presidential elections sparked mass protests. It ended his hold on power since 1999.

Months of protests in Sudan led to the ousting and arrest of the long-time ruler by the military on April 17, 2019.

Ugandan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Henry Oryem Okello has said the country would consider offering the deposed leader asylum if he applied.

The Economic Fighters League maintains, youths in Uganda have “only one oppressor” in Yoweri Museveni and “Africa stands with you to free yourselves.”

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