Former NFL player destroys his business; stages it to look like hate crime

Former NFL player destroys his business; stages it to look like hate crime
Source: Yourtango
Date: 20-09-2019 Time: 04:09:27:am

Not surprisingly, he's facing a slew of serious charges.

There’s a new Jussie-Smollett style hoax in town: and it’s pretty fascinating, to say the least. Former NFL Player Edawn Coughman recently got a bunch of media attention after allegedly staging a fake hate crime by damaging property and painting racial sluts at his local businesses. Subsequently, he was arrested by Gwinnett County Police. 

Who is Edawn Coughman? Here’s all the details you need to know about this case.

1. When authorities arrived at the scene, they had a feeling that something was up.

This past Wednesday, authorities responded to a burglary report at the Create and Bake Restaurant and Coughman’s Creamery. The main suspect was driving a black Chevrolet Silverado with no license plate. After further investigation, authorities found the truck, realizing the driver was Coughman: the owner of the businesses. The situation grew even fishier when Coughman explained that though he noticed equipment was missing and damaged earlier in the day, he didn’t call 911, but managed to contact his insurance company to report the incident; this was later proven to be false when police uncovered the damage wasn’t done earlier that day. This lie ultimately led to Coughman’s arrest.

2. Photo evidence from law enforcement reveal racial slurs, a swastika and “MAGA” spray painted.

The evidence of these slurs, however, semmed questionable to police. According to the detailed police statement, inside the businesses, “the smell of the spray paint was very fresh” and the black paint “appeared wet.” That’s not the only evidence that raised suspicions: cut wires, vandalized upholstery, a destroyed video surveillance system, and pry marks prompted officers to examine the truck (thanks to a search warrant), where they found the yellow crow bar and cans of black spray paint. With these findings, authorities deduced that Coughman was the master of this entire plot.

3. Edawn Coughman's plan was a premediated scam to get money from his insurance company.

Authorities say that Coughman’s actions were calculated and devised at great length. From what we know, his grand scheme was to damage his own property, attempt to make it appear as a hate crime, file an insurance claim, and get rid of leftover evidence. Clearly, it imploded spectacularly.

4. Coughman has been charged with false report of a crime, insurance fraud and concealing a license plate.

These multiple charges will add up to some serious jail time for Coughman, who has since been released on bond.

5. Coughman was once regarded as a well known football player; now, his reputation is forever changed.

Sources say Coughman played football in high school and college, later taking his talents to the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts in 2011. He was also signed by eight NFL teams, but never made an appearance in regular-season games.

6. What’s next for Coughman?

There will more than likely be new details emerging from this case, and Coughman is expected to meet his fate in a court of law. We’ll have to wait and see how everything unfolds.