Ethiopian plane crash site is called ‘Bad Luck’

Ethiopian plane crash site is called ‘Bad Luck’
Source: BBC
Date: 22-03-2019 Time: 09:03:02:am
The plane came down six minutes after take off from Addis Ababa

The people who live near the crash site of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 have been mourning for the 157 victims of the crash.

They were the first to arrive at the scene on the morning of 10 March and saw how the plane nose-dived to the ground.

But there is something which went largely unnoticed - the name of the area, which appears to foreshadow the tragic incident.

In the local Afaan Oromoo language the area is called "Tulluu Farraa" which means "bad luck".

"The area earned the name Tulluu Farraa because of weather conditions there" Baatirrii Lemma, a local elder told the BBC.

Mr Baatirrii said that due to high altitude of the place it is hard to know which direction the wind is coming from.

"People called it Tulluu Farraa which means Bad Luckbecause it was too cold to live there," he said.