A boa constrictor measuring 6ft has escaped from its owner’s garden, just days after two young boys in Canada were strangled by an escaped python.

Worried owner Damion Swann raised the alarm after his pet boa constrictor, Bo, escaped from his garden in Rotherham, Yorkshire a week ago.

He now fears that the cold-blooded beast will be looking for prey having not eaten for nearly two weeks.

Mr Swann said: ‘We usually leave Bo out in the garden for a bit so she can warm up in the sunshine, and she never goes anywhere.But this time we went inside for tea and when we came back outside there was no sign of her, so we called the police.

‘There is fencing all round the garden but we think there may be a little gap between the houses which back onto each other.

‘If someone sees her in their garden they will get a bit of a shock.’

He added: ‘She normally lives in a big tank but I have three young children and she is fine with my five-year-old holding her.

‘One concern is that she is probably quite hungry by now.

‘We usually feed her once a week on large rats and it was almost the time of the week for feeding when she escaped.