The United States of America says there are no strings attached to its global health support for world wide Covid-19 vaccines.

The U.S believes that Covid-19 third wave, the Delta Variant, can not be stopped anywhere in the world without stopping it everywhere in the world.

Gayle Smith, United States Department Coordinator for Global COVID-19 Response and Health Security said the Joe Biden administration is in the process of delivering the 25 million vaccines promised to the African Union.

According to her, the United States is working closely with the African Union, governments, and COVAX to get the vaccines on the ground, as quickly as possible. 

She said the 500 million doses promised by President Biden at G7, will also start moving in August, and a significant portion of those, will be deployed to Africa.  

‘You cannot stop this pandemic anywhere in the world without stopping it everywhere in the world. 

“The Biden administration recognize that Africa, as in every other region of the world, had to be a part of meeting the challenges of this pandemic and that means getting vaccines out and getting shots into arms as quickly as possible,” she added.

Speaking at a Digital Press Briefing on the U. S. donation of Covid-19 vaccines to the African Union, Gayle Smith emphasised that the rollout of the exercise is to build on a longstanding partnership the United States, has with Africa.

This partnership also focuses on assisting with health related issues including PEPFAR, Malaria, among others.

“We’re doing this to ensure that Africa can meet the challenges of this pandemic and then be prepared to meet the challenges of current health security and any health security challenges coming in the future,” she stated.

Gayle Smith also announced that, the United States is committed to investing in vaccine manufacturing on the continent as part of the latest, in a long line of policy initiatives in Africa, that focus on health security.

On her part, Akunna Cook, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State said, the United States of America is pleased to be delivering safe and effective vaccine doses across Africa and the world, with the first vaccines being delivered to Djibouti, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Gambia and Senegal.

According to Akunna Cook, the initiative forms part of USA’s commitment to Africa’s health infrastructure and helping them meet the demands associated with the pandemic. 

“Extensively, U.S. investments in sub-Saharan Africa in health, is over $100 billion. Over the past 20 years, we have saved millions of lives, but more importantly, we have strengthened the resilience of health systems.

“Around two-thirds of U.S. foreign assistance to Africa remains focused on the health sector.  Africa is a priority for this administration, and we are proud of the resilience that African nations have demonstrated in the face of this pandemic” Akunna Cook added.

On the safety of the vaccines allocated to Africa, Gayle Smith mentioned that, the relevant regulatory bodies have determined that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Pfizer and Moderna are safe and effective against the virus. 

She said although there is data suggesting that there can be some effects, it is minimal.