The National Peace Council says despite its efforts to ensure peace in the country some political actors have remained resolute in an attempt to dent its reputation and discredit them.

At an inaugural ceremony of a ten-member committee to monitor and ensure effective compliance of the roadmap signed by political parties to deal with acts of vigilantism, a Board member of the Council, Dr Nana S. K Asante was outraged by the recent attacks and accused its critics of being ignorant about the mandate of the council.

“I am highly disturbed by the recent spate of scurrilous media and personal attacks o the integrity and performance of the National Peace Council. It is amazing that we should subject this to this unfair treatment despite our sacrifices and worthy endeavours to pursue peace in this country.

“The public may not know that a stream of high powered delegation has visited us to study our techniques and experience. Therefore, in my respectful opinion these misinformed but highly damaging criticisms stem from a failure to appreciate the scope of the council’s mandate,” he stressed.

You fail to appreciate the mandate of National Peace Council - Dr Nana S. K Asante to critics

He then stated that the National Peace Council Act 2011 does not give the Council the mandate to denounce the acts of any party to a dispute in the political arena.

According to him, that is to make the Council neutral when it comes to mediating conflicts amongst political parties.

“The National Peace Council, unlike a Court of Law, does not have the power to condemn any part or even issue an indictment againat any entity. Such a line of operation is essential repugnant to the essentially facilitative and mediatory role.

“Quite apart from the limitation imposed by the NPC Act, it would be highly inappropriate and indeed counterproductive, if the Peace Council issued an indictment on any viral video or hearing any allegation of unbecoming conduct,” he stated.

Nana Dr S.K Asante then called on the media and political actors to desist from attacking the Peace Council since it undermines its effectiveness.