The Greater Accra Regional Minster, Nii Armah Ashietey, was Saturday evening engaged in an emergency meeting with elders of Osu Traditional Council following disturbances in the area today.

Some unidentified youth reportedly attacked the Osu palace destroying almost everything there. Residents say the move was to halt the performance of the annual Dade festival.

Earlier, police had warned people belonging to Nii Nortey Owuo’s faction in the chieftaincy dispute not to go ahead with the celebration.

It took police intervention amidst firing of teargas to restore peace to the area.

Joy News’ Ebenezer Opoku-Boahen reports that TV sets, furniture and drums among other valuables were destroyed in the course of the attack.

Meanwhile, an interested party in the Osu chieftaincy dispute Osu Nii Annan has accused Greater Accra Regional Police Commander DCOP Rose Bio Atinga of bias in handling the dispute.

“Now I hear they are arresting people. It is not even safe to go to Osu. Osu citizens cannot walk on the streets, that is what I heard…when we protest it is not a security threat [but] when the other people protest, yeah, it’s [considered a security threat].

“Right now I am in a hiding place [because] the police will arrest me and just say that I have gathered people…what I know is some faction is leading people to pick people, so people are in their bedrooms.”

The Greater Accra Police Command has, however, refrained from commenting on the matter for now.

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