Plan International, a non-governmental organization focused on girl-child empowerment is partnering with the Agriculture Ministry and the Ministry of Education to provide opportunities for women and girls in agriculture, especially those involved in soya bean farming in the northern parts of the country.

It believes when women earn well, it has a huge impact on their family and community, hence its decision to focus on women.

Solomon TesfaMariam, Country Director for Plan International, said “when women have significant income, it has a huge impact on the family and the wider community and that is really one of the greatest plan that we have.”

“That’s the benefit, whether it is financial, educational or from medical perspective or our well-being”, he added.

“We’re really hoping that this would benefit not only the 12,000 direct beneficiaries but many more. We’re actually looking at more than 30,000 beneficiaries”, he emphasised.

 He further said that “we’ve actually invited Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Education because those are very key ministries that will be part of the implementation of our programme”.