The 13 individuals who were arrested for their alleged involvement in the Bawku chieftaincy conflicts are expected to appear before court today.

There were gunshots in the early hours of Monday, December 27, 2021, which resulted in the loss of lives and the destruction of properties in the township.

It was the latest fight between the feuding factions – Mamprusis and Kusasis – following attempts to perform the final funeral rites for a chief who died about 41 years ago.

Meanwhile, through the Interior Ministry, government has renewed its curfew at Bawku through an Executive Instrument.

In the directive, movement is expected to cease from 8 pm to 8 am daily, effective Wednesday, December 29.

Also, the Chieftaincy Ministry has called on the feuding factions to halt any activities or utterances that will spark tensions and violence in the area.

In a statement, Ebenezer Kojo Kum insisted that the Supreme Court has settled the status of the Paramount Chief of Bawku; thus, until the Apex court set aside its initial pronouncement, the decision is binding to all and sundry.

In view of that persons, calling for installing a new Bawku Naba should desist from such actions.

“Government is resolved to ensure that persons holding offices legitimately are uninhibited from performing their roles and functions.

“The security agencies have been authorised to take all necessary steps to ensure law and order are fully enforced, and any persons who are in breach of the peace are brought to book,” he cautioned.

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