Two High Schools in the Upper East Region will remain closed for at least two more weeks pending investigations into student unrest, one of which was fatal.

This was revealed by Regional Minister, Paulina Abayage, after she held a crisis meeting with heads of second cycle schools in the Region, Tuesday afternoon.

JoyNews correspondent, Albert Sore, reported that the spate of riots in second cycle intuitions in the Upper East Region had become a matter of security concern for the Regional Minister, who summoned all heads of Senior High Schools to a meeting.

school closed down

Sandema Senior High Technical School was closed down last week after a section of the students rioted, alleging bullying from the school’s cadet corps.

Local police were called in to calm the situation but their interference led to a fatality as the officers fired shots when the students pelted them with stones.

The school was closed down indefinitely.

school closed down

Barely a week on, another unrest broke out at Kongo Senior High.

Albert Sore reports that the disturbances resulted from a clash between students of two ethnic groups in the school, following a disagreement.

school closed down

There have many of such riots in the last year in several other schools, the reporter said.