Jake and Jesse Jacksons leave home for school

Two teenagers whose returnee parents died mysteriously at Atwima Maakro in the Ashanti region say they are enjoying new life after being enrolled in school for the first time.
Jake and Jesse Jackson, aged 13 and 11 respectively, had never set foot in school. They have since infancy enjoyed being taught at home by their parents. The boys had earlier kicked against going to school. 

But in a twist of fate, school has become the second home of the children.
Jake and Jesse Jackson returned from the Netherlands with their well-to-do parents seven years ago.
The parents allegedly severed ties with their extended family members and also isolated themselves from their neighbours in their Atwima Maakro residence.
Jake and Jesse were rescued in an unconscious state after police picked up the decomposing bodies of their parents from their apartment.
Whilst that of Mrs. Ernestina Jackson was discovered with some ice packs on it, that of Mr.Samuel Jackson was discovered on a toilet seater.
The youngsters, after spending several weeks recuperating at the hospital, currently stay with their grandmother.
Life, since the death of their parents, has been unbearable for them. 
Thirteen year-old Jake who had kicked against starting formal education, has had a change of mind after his first week in school.
He says teachers, pupils and the school environment have helped change his thoughts about learning in school.
“If am going to school, if I'm going to learn, the learning is easy. I make no mistake.”

“If it is break time, I am going to play with the other class children.

"It means I have new life. So this is my new life and I’m enjoying it,” he added.
Jake’s younger brother, Jesse is living the moment too. He’s already enjoying his new friends in school.
According to him, it has been easy learning in his new school.
He vowed he would not have returned to his parents if they were to be alive.
“School is better than learning at home. The school is nice; I want to stay there. They’ve got everything there. If I want a book; if I need pen or pencil, they will give me pen or pencil.

"Staying home and learning is boring. I want to go to real school and learn. I feel safe and am happy about it not to go back to old home.” Jesse Jackson told Joynews.

The Jacksons studying at home

Sara Fremah Boakye is one of the teachers of the youngsters who is in Class 5 at the Domeabra Methodist Primary School.
She picks them up in the mornings for school, and also teaches them at home after school.
She describes the reaction of the Jacksons for the first time in school.

“They were super excited the first time they arrived in school and they wanted to be in their classrooms already. So when I took them to their classrooms, they were very happy.”
The Jacksons for the first time, are being taught writing.

“The hand writing is not a problem because I can help them” says their teacher, Madam Fremah.
Their teacher explains how they are faring academically and the decision to place them at Class 5.
“Because of their ages, we put them at Class 5. But aside from that, they are very intelligent.”
But the boys’ education comes at a cost, at the expense of their unemployed grandmother.
Madam Lucy Boakye Benson, mother of the late Ernestina Jackson, spends at least GH150 daily on transportation and feeding  of the youngsters.
She has been depending on the benevolence of people for the boys' upkeep, including healthcare.
Though it’s early days yet, Madam Benson is afraid their education could be in limbo if things continue this way.                                                            
“It’s not easy raising money for their upkeep. This has been my headache all this while.

"Only God can save us with the cost. I am concerned with their future especially at SHS level. It's not easy for me,” she said.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

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