The Chamber of Entrepreneurs is unhappy about the tax reliefs granted businesses in the 2021 budget, saying the 2021 is an ordinary one.

Some aspects of the budget that matter most to entrepreneurs include the provision of rebate of 30% on the income tax due for companies in hotels and restaurants, education, arts and entertainment, and travel and tours for the second, third and fourth quarters of 2021.

There’s also been the suspension of quarterly income tax installment payments for the second, third and fourth quarters of 2021 for small businesses using the income tax stamp system.

But, President of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Sherrif Ghali tells Joy Business the reliefs are not enough to cushion entrepreneurs with the ravages the coronavirus pandemic brought on businesses.

“As an entrepreneur, I will say that is just one of the budgets we’ve heard, not that too positive. But then, I would’ve wished that I will see a more very courageous budget.”

“Why do I say that? We are not in normal times, and now introducing indirect taxes that will go down to affect the citizenry of this country will inevitably make things a bit difficult for entrepreneurs,” he stated.

He continued to indicate that “to us, it is just an ordinary budget; I didn’t expect a lot of things from this budget because we are not in normal times. I know for sure that the government of the day will increase a lot of taxes and that will go a long way to augment some of the things that the country is facing.”

“So it was to me, not a surprise budget when I saw the new taxes,” he noted.