The 2021 Kumasi North Digital job fair will focus on encouraging the youth to take advantage of the digital space.

The fair is expected to equip the unemployed youth in the Kumasi metropolis on ways to be innovative with opportunities in digital spaces to build a career.

Trainers and start-up coaches have often observed the trend where a good number of the youth are unable to properly use the digital platforms.

Certified career coach, Dr. Samuel Tinagyei, for instance says the job fair will connect qualified job seekers to employers.

“The proper use of the digital media space is what is lacking. So the function of the digital job fair is to help the youth use their digital space properly as far as looking for jobs is concerned,” he said

He’s urging the youth to leverage on opportunities in the digital space to create jobs. Dr. Samuel Tinagyei believes this will help in bridging the unemployment gap in the country.

“Building a brand online has become critical because a lot of employers are not only looking at CV’s. You need to build a strong brand on your digital space to attract employers”.

2021 Kumasi North Job Fair to focus on innovations on the digital space
Judith Opoku Agyeman, Grants and Project Coordinator.

The fair reflects the hub’s commitment to improving economic growth and gender equality. 

“We went into digital media because we realised there was a gap between males entering into digital media than females. As a female hub, our focus is to train more females in digital media and that was one of the reasons for organising the fair,” said Judith Opoku Agyeman, the Grants and Project Coordinator.

The Kumasi North Digital job fair by Women’s Haven was organized in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab, Ministry of Communication and the World Bank.

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