Kuami Eugene (Credit: Instagram - @kuamieugene)

Musician Kuami Eugene says 2021 was an amazing year for him.

Speaking with Joy Entertainment’s Becky, Kuami said God has been good to him because he is loved by most people.

The Lynx Entertainment signee explained that he is grateful because every song he released became a banger.

“It’s been an amazing 2021 and God has been so good to me. When I see the love that is being shown to me I want to give them something and also to be remembered for something because I appreciate them so much,” he said.

“I’ve had some bangers because of the love for the work and also work hard on all songs both mine and features. God has been so good, I am favored and being loved. Every song I do must blow because you cannot have Kuami Eugene on your song and it won’t blow,” he stated.

Kuami also expressed appreciation for the support of his fans and urged them to do more as it keeps him going.

“I give glory to God because it’s been a process looking back to where I came from and being almost on every big show this December from Friday to Sunday I am on a program. Regardless of who I think I am at the moment, someone created me and I don’t own the breath I take every day.

“Therefore I am grateful for each new morning so I give glory to God all the time. I love the support of my fans and also they should keep it coming because it is part of the job. The more the support comes, it urges me to do more.”