Three persons have been arrested for the dangerous transportation of a huge log in the Ejisu municipality in the Ashanti Region.

Municipal Chief Executive for the area, Samuel Oduro Frimpong, says he is working with the Ghana Police Service to ensure that all others responsible for the incident are brought to book.

“We’ve been able to arrest three of the people involved. The owner of the company, a Chinese, the driver of the truck and the driver of the loader to serve as a deterrent to others,” he said on Wednesday.

This, he believes, will serve as a deterrence to others.

Some residents in the town are incensed at a scary scene of a heavy-lifting machine that was seen carrying timber in a busy traffic intersection on the Ejisu-Kumasi highway on Tuesday, January 25.

The log-lifting machine posed a danger to commuters, including pupils on a school bus, as the driver manoeuvred his way around in attempts to transport the log.

Traders and motorists panicked at the scene.

According to residents, a timber-carrying truck had a burst tyre which required the offloading of the logs onto another truck.

The process got bizarre as a heavy-lifting machine attempted to lift a log from one end of the road to the other.

Traders and commuters panicked as the log-carrying machine drove along the busy intersection.

But speaking on Accra-based Citi FM, the MCE explained that “Instead of getting the lumber down from the broken-down vehicle, the loader picked one of the lumber and tried to transport it using the main Accra-Kumasi road, meeting oncoming cars and meandering his way through to send the wood.”

He added, “I asked the commander to ensure that a report is brought to my office and to ensure that all those involved in that dangerous act are apprehended and dealt with.”

Wednesday’s incident was an alarming one for residents and commuters alike.

A driver, Isaac Assuming, wants government to properly regulate timber transportation.

“What happened could be disastrous; the government must call them to order, they cannot continue to use old trucks to transport logs,” he said.

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