The St. John’s Hospital and Fertility Centre ( SJHFC) has been recognised at the 32nd CIMG Awards as the ‘Private Health Facility of the Year.’

According to the CIMG, this award was in recognition of the massive contribution the facility made to health, especially “with the wide array of quality, innovative health services, incorporation of more ICT into the facility’s operation, public health education using several tools including social media and their outstanding corporate social responsibility in the area of health.” 

Receiving the award, the hospital’s CEO, Mya Afriye, dedicated it to the staff and clients whose patronage has seen the hospital more from strength to strength.

She thanked all the stakeholders who have partnered with the hospital over the past nine years of its existence.

Among her works, Mrs Afriye published in 2020 with Dr Abekah-Nkrumah et al. in the international journal of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing on customer relationship management and patient satisfaction and loyalty in selected hospitals in Ghana.

32nd CIMG Awards: St. John's Hospital and Fertility Centre wins 'Private healthcare facility of the Year'

Since its inception in 2012, St. John’s Hospital & Fertility Centre has envisioned a leader in innovative and collaborative healthcare provision for the Ghanaian populace with a particular focus on women and children healthcare services.

Located near the Tantra Hill Roundabout in Accra, SJHFC has at the core of its operations, customer satisfaction, and delivery of world-class health services to its cherished clients.

Currently, the hospital provides specialist care in all the major clinical disciplines, has a diagnostic imaging centre, complete medical laboratory services, a skincare clinic, mental health clinic, and other general services.

It partners public institutions towards improving fertility services in Ghana and other areas of health care.