The Kaneshie District Police Station has arrested four persons for refurbishing old and abandoned Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders for sale at Swanlake Masalachi in Accra.

This was revealed by the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS).

According to the GNFS, the suspects were taking old cylinders, welding off the worn-out metal portions before spraying them to be re-sold on the open market.

In a joint operation by the Police and Fire Service, several old LPG cylinders and equipment used in their refurbishments were retrieved.

The arrest comes shortly after a caution by the Fire Service to the public to be conscious of their safety when purchasing cylinders on the market.

According to the Service, some people have abrasively repaired spoilt cylinders and taken them to the market for sale. 

“GNFS has observed with concern the nefarious activities of some unscrupulous people who go round (sometimes to dumping sites) to collect or cheaply buy damaged or old and worn-out LPG cylinders.”

“These cylinders are repaired (abrasively and adhesively treated, and the ripped metal pans welded together), sprayed and taken to the open market for sale and use by the unsuspecting public”, the Service warned in a statement.