Four persons have been killed in Bawku amid renewed chieftaincy violence in the municipality on Sunday.

Others also sustained various injuries following the clash in the Upper East town.

One of the deceased is a police officer with the Paga Police Station who was visiting the area.

According to the Police, Constable Regina Angenu had paid a visit to Constable Erasmus Enkson of the Bawku Division.

However, the duo was attacked by unknown assailants.

The deceased was shot in the groin and died at Presbyterian Mission Hospital while undergoing treatment.

The body has been sent to Bolgatanga Regional Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

In another incident at Daduri, a suburb of the town, unknown gunmen shot at a spot where currency trading transactions usually takes place.

After the incident which ensued at about 4 pm, the victims were rushed to healthcare facilities for treatment.

However, two of them did not survive, according to the reports.

The rest were transferred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, and Bawku Presbyterian Hospital.

4 dead in renewed Bawku chieftaincy violence

As part of the measures to lessen the volatility in the area, the Upper East Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has banned the riding of motorbikes in the Bawku Municipality.

In a press statement signed by the Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu, the Regional Co-ordinating Council noted that its directive stems from the volatile nature of security in the locale.

In view of this, both sexes are banned from using motorbikes within the area.

Per the statement, “this ban does not include motor tricycles.”

On December 27 last year, a similar situation unfolded in the town leading to the loss of lives and the destruction of properties triggering security concerns.

It followed attempts to perform the final funeral rites of a Chief.

Despite the arrest of some persons, government instituted curfews and directives, including a ban on smock-wearing and male pillion riders – a directive which has now been expanded to encapsulate a ban on motorcycle riding in totality.

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