5 great tips to enjoy a better sleep

Ah!! Sleep!!! The joy of putting your head on the pillow and dozing off… that good feeling when your mind begins to stop thinking about its many issues and gradually begins to relax.   

It is even more satisfying knowing that sleep is a necessity with various health benefits such as improving memory, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

One thing for sure is that, when we sleep, our skin and bodies are actually in repair mode. This means that the body uses sleep as an opportunity to refresh and revitalize itself. As a matter of fact, lack of sleep could lead to physiological and psychological issues such as high blood pressure and stress.

Below are tips that could help improve your sleep

1.         Exercise improves sleep by promoting the production of melatonin. Research has shown that roughly 30minutes of moderate exercise can improve the quality of sleep. To achieve the greatest results, it is important to get regular exercise at least 5 times a week

2.         Stay away from noise. Yes! This is a very crucial point. Bear in mind that a peaceful environment is a necessity for a good sleep. The human brain continues to process sounds even as you sleep so it is advisable to make sure you’re in a quiet environment. Turn off the TV, radio and put your phone on silent to avoid noise and distractions.

3.         Avoid caffeine at late hours. This can’t be stressed on enough. It is true that caffeine has numerous benefits and is consumed by a lot of people. However, if one is trying to induce sleep, it is very important that he or she avoids caffeine at late hours. This is because, a primary purpose of caffeine is to make sure that one stays awake, so unless you want to be awake for the next 8 hours, do away with coffee and energy drinks.

4.         Do away with tablets, laptops and cell phones. If you want to read before sleeping, make sure it is not on a tablet or smart phone or any electronic device that emits light. Light has been observed to reduce the body’s production of melatonin. This is the hormone that induces sleep. Research has shown that people who use cell phones and tablets right before bedtime struggle to fall asleep.

5.         Consider the intake of melatonin supplements. As mentioned earlier, melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep among human beings. People struggle to sleep sometimes because their bodies possess inadequate levels of melatonin. In that case, it is advisable to get melatonin supplements from the local drug store or hospital.

Sleep is very important in our lives and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Anyone struggling to sleep can freely try the various tips above. Note that it may take time to get a regular sleep pattern and better sleep. If all these tips fail, kindly see a doctor.

Hildagard Swanzy Deede Tetteh