If you want to lbe more attractive, you don’t have to dress a certain way or imitate the latest Bieber hairstyle (thank God), because hotness is an individual thing, it’s different for everyone. Bearing that in mind, you can take the following ways to look hot for guys and make them work with your own personal style.

1.Smell Good

Now, you should smell good, even if you don’t like cologne or wear it often. This isn’t a repeat tip because I’m also referring to your breath. Do you think women the world over would be so gaga over Ryan Gosling if they found out he had rancid breath?

2.Don’t overdo the cologne

That being said, please remember that Axe body spray is not a substitute for showering. Neither is your Armani, Drakkar, or Old Spice-whatever you wear. Spritzing a little cologne or spraying on a little aftershave is great, and I fully get behind that, but don’t douse yourself. Looking hot means smelling good, too-but not like you just took a bath in a big vat of Polo Sport.

3.Find a flattering hairstyle

Some hairstyles just don’t look good on every guy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t experiment, but look at other men who have similar bone structures, facial shapes, and hair types. Don’t try to pull off an old-school Bieber look, go easy with the faux hawk, and never, ever try to revive the Caesar bangs from the 1990s.

4.Dress for your style (and shape)

You don’t have to wear a certain designer or specific types of clothes to look good, you just have to wear what looks good on you. Tailored clothes always look good, but you may not like them-no problem. You might look great in sweaters, or simple jeans and T-shirts, or full-out suits. You really should avoid sagging your pants down to your knees, going out in sweatpants and tank tops, and wearing anything way too small or way too large.

5.Practice good hygiene

You have to have good hygiene, man. Nothing is more of a turn-off. The best ways to look hot for guys involve cleaning up all your business. You need to shower regularly, keep your hair washed, scrub your pits and private bits, and generally make sure you don’t smell. There are other specific hygiene rules you need to follow, but in general, never leave the house if you don’t look clean.

6.Take care of your skin

You don’t want dry, flaky skin, an oily sheen, or a bunch of breakouts. Taking care of your skin isn’t a feminine thing, it’s something anyone with skin should do. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize at the very least, but it won’t hurt to use a toner either. If you get bad breakouts, no, that doesn’t make you ugly, but putting together an anti-acne skin care routine will really help.