Couple in Church with their triplets

After 30 years of mockery and shame from society for not being able to bear a second child, a couple in their early 60s now boast of triplets.

62-year-old Ethel and 66-year-old Daniel, gave up hope of holding a baby in their arms again, as all attempts failed.

Just like Abraham and Sarah in the Bible, the waiting period for Daniel and Ethel was fraught with frustration and questions from families and neighbours.

62-year-old woman gives birth to triplets after 30 years of waiting
Couple in Church with their triplets

But on Monday, March 28, the couple together with members of the Ebenezer Assemblies of God church in Kotobabi, Accra danced in celebration and glory to the Lord because finally, their heart desire was fulfilled, Ethel delivered triplets last year and they were being christened at the Church.

The father of the triplets, Daniel said, “these triplets came in when I least expected it, we were actually expecting just one, we now have five and we will always be grateful to God.”

For Ethel, who had to try many fertility treatments all the while, “this is a dream come true and it has really boosted my trust and confidence in God. Some women used to gossip about me. But to the glory of God, I have given birth to triplets.”

The first born of the couple, Daniella is excited to play the big sister role, a task she cherishes dearly.

“I’m ready to play the big sister role. These are my siblings we are talking about, I cannot rely on anybody else to do that for me”, she said.

For Daniel and Ether, seeing what seemed impossible to them become a reality has also given them the greatest joy of their lives.