A nine-year-old boy has been found dead in a deep drain, known as ‘Olonka Gutter’ at Sawaba, a suburb in Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo Region after he went missing for four days.

The mother of young Aikins Kwame Jare disclosed this to Joy News' Anas Sabbit on Friday.

She said after Jare failed to come home on Tuesday evening, the family started looking for him but without any success of finding him. The matter was then reported to the police after he failed to show up the following day.

She said a neighbor told her that a dead boy had been found in the drain on Friday so she went to see if it were her son. They went to look at the body and unfortunately for her, it was Jare.

Residents say this is not the first time a dead body has been found in the ‘Olonka Gutter’.

Assemblyman for the area, Wahab Habib, said over 16 dead bodies have been found in the ditch over the last couple of years, explaining the situation has become a mystery.

Habib has called on authorities to assist with reconstructing a bridge over the drain which he says has become a death trap.