It's Friday, so let's wrap things up.

Monday was African Union Day. One of my favourite Ghanaian musicians,  M.anifest was here with us to share his thoughts on all manner of things – including Africa and the state of its union. Meanwhile, on the NPP front, we received reports that some simultaneous regional party meetings were being held about the future of two of the party's national executives – Chairman Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong.

A Bad Week for Elephants: Weekly Wrap-Up from the Morning Man

Tuesday was the first working day of the week, and the NPP Circus was back in full swing. All the regional Chairmen of the party had held meetings to determine the way forward, following the fatal acid attack on the Upper East Regional Chairman, Adam Mahama.

A number of the regional meetings resulted in petitions being sent to the National Executive Council to impress upon Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong to step aside in light of recent developments, and while the criminal investigation into Adam's death continues.

A whole national conversation ensued about whether all this petitioning was constitutional. Some argued that there was a clear procedure for impeaching executives of the party, and begging them to step aside was not part of that process. Others argued that the regional groups were not seeking to impeach but were appealing to the consciences of the officers in question, asking them to bounce on their own steam.

A Bad Week for Elephants: Weekly Wrap-Up from the Morning Man

The Council of Elders also wrote to Afoko and Agyapong, asking them to resign. The two officers themselves remained silent on the matter -until that evening, anyway.

Wednesday was the morning after the "fake resignation" of Kwabena Agyapong. A letter surfaced on Tuesday evening, purportedly written by the embattled NPP General Secretary, announcing his resignation. The man himself spoke up and denied ever writing it. He said he's been at home all this time.

He doesn't even have access to party letterheads. He said his email was hacked. He said he had no intention of resigning. He said he earned his position through his sweat, and that those wishing for his exit would fail because he was a creature of God and that good would triumph over evil. I wonder how the Council of Elders will feel about that.

Speaking of elders, Lawyer Sam Okudzeto, one of the longest standing members of the NPP spoke to me about the continuing segregation of the party. He called for cool heads to prevail, and appealed to Former President Kufuor to intervene and mediate to bring all this carnage to an end.

Yesterday, we had one more group joining the calls for Afoko and Agyapong to step aside – the Minority Caucus in Parliament, no less! They issued a list of nine "observations", including their view that Afoko and Agyapong ought to step aside "in the interest of peace, unity, trust and stability". Well, as at this morning, the two had still not resigned, so I guess the "conflict, disunity, mistrust and instability" continues in the nation's biggest opposition party, as the NPP's elephants continue their stampede. Some call them the Government-in-waiting. Well, if the Minority caucus and their nine "observations" are anything to go by, the NPP is more like the Opposition-in-waiting at the moment.

So with all these goings-on, we've got quite a show for you today. Let me ask you: what's the most lavish funeral you've ever attended? It was quite something, wasn't it? Well, then you have a very good reason not to miss today's show. Stay with us.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and it's not been a good week for Elephants.